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History of Nissho Corporation

In September 1966, Atsushi Sakata, the founder, (currently chairman emeritus), founded Nissho Sangyo Co., Ltd. for selling disposable products targeting medical industry.
At that time, there was no concept of disposables in the medical industry, so he and his founding members repeated steady sales activities throughout the country, appealing for the products’ convenience and sanitary control.





About three years had passed, he received an information that KFC international intended to display a trial store at the Osaka World Exposition 1970.
Sakata was sounded by a major printing company, with whom he had had a close contact, if he wanted to develop take-out packaging for the Kentucky’s store. He accepted the offer, and made to provide the products, applying the company’s experience in the medical field to them.

In the wake of the successful deal with KFC in the Expo., he devised a business model as a “Total Supplier” for KFC’s store-chains, selling and delivering all the other necessities required by their stores, except for chicken meat and other fresh ingredients.
Rapid expansion for KFC’s store-network had continued from 1970s through 1980s. We contributed to the KFC’s growth with our reliable delivery-network and improved our capability in warehousing and delivery operations.

This business model was the best fit for other fast-food, restaurant, and Japanese style pubs, especially those with widespread store-chains.
Japan in 1970s was in a period of expansion of fast-food and restaurant chains. Thanks to the boom, our company was able to enjoy growing with our major customers with restaurant-chains including KFC’s.


Our business targeting restaurant-chains was sustained by the then introduced IT (information technology) that was state-of-the-art at that time. Major contributing factor to our fourth business was that we had such logistics infrastructure and information technology.
The fourth business was started in 1995 by delivering cigarettes and general prizes to each pachinko hall. We successfully applied our logistics function to that amusement business.



When Japanese economy turned into 2000s after the burst of bubble, living-related industry business, which had kept our company in its growth stage, began to show signs of weakness.
The second president, Akihiko Sakata (currently the president and CEO), who took over the founder, turned his attention back to our origin of medical business, as the restaurants business became matured. It was a genuine effort of entering the supply chain of the medical disposable business.
We required our overseas partner manufacturers to strengthen their manufacturing process and quality management, then launching our own brand of medical products in 2006. This innovative action led us to, so called, the cash-cow business that can be regarded as our second founding stage.



After more than a decade of reforming efforts to its stable stage, our medical business, under the influence of COVID-19 that started at the early spring of 2020, made tremendous efforts on keeping stable product supply with a sense of mission to be in charge of essential business that supports the medical industry.
In the living-related industry business, we sincerely responded to our customer-needs, considering the business situations, affected by the pandemic, which varied in each company, because we knew that some customers were affected little but others much or badly.

We will be discussing company-wide and business unit strategies, taking into consideration the after-Corona era that will come soon after the with-Corona today.
Underlying all of this is the spirit of “Our Company’s Belief,” that have been enshrined on the occasion of our 50th anniversary.
Our philosophy is to reward our customers, all of our business partners and all of our stakeholders. As it is the time even like this, we would like to make the purpose of our company widely known nationwide and abroad.