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Overseas Purchasing and Product Development

Business Overview

Our advantage on the medical business is providing products with high-quality yet reasonable prices to meet the demanding Japanese medical institutions, which is realized on the long-continued reliable relationship with foreign partner manufactures.
We receive feedback from sales staff who visit nationwide to deeply grasp our medical customer’s various and potential needs, and we develop products to satisfy their requests.

Specific task

(1) Searching for new foreign partner manufactures

(2) Planning and developing our own brand products

(3) Selecting outsource-manufactures and controlling import processes

(4) Negotiating import schedules, terms & conditions and prices

(5) Instructing production and quality control

Message to manufactures as our potential overseas suppliers

We currently have about 15 major overseas manufacturing partners. The needs of Japanese medical institutions for medical disposables have been still varied and changeable.
The most important thing in Japanese medical market is a strong request for high performance but low-price products and minimum defect rates.

Our credo “Our Company’s Belief” includes ethos that has been importantly inherited from the time of our establishment.

We consider that our overseas manufacturing partners are the most important ones with whom we share and realize our mission of developing valuable products and providing them to our customers. With full reliance and mutual understanding, we aim to improve our products by learning from each other and continue growing to our prosperous future.