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We question “our company’s raison d’etre” to the society that needs us. In addition, we grow by contributing to it.
The series of which is, what we pursue, our ideal of “company’s sound development.”

We at Nissho Sangyo, are proud to serve the society as an “essential supplier” by supporting the essential workers that struggle to anchor the living-related and medical industries.
We believe that the continuation and development of our company can be achieved only if it is required to serve the society. “We believe that we can enjoy our further advancement by contributing to it for the return we obtain by the contribution.” This is the proof of “our company’s raison d’etre” as stated in our management philosophy “Our Company’s Belief” and the embodiment of the “sound development of the company.”
We believe such sustainable and constructive business operations can only result from close relationships, based on the sense of altruism, with our customers, the society and all other stakeholders. Based on our motto of “Do our best in our fields of expertise,” our four businesses operate successfully on our relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in each field, gaining our customers’ satisfaction and trust by the support and cooperation with the stakeholders. We will continue to demonstrate to society the worth of our company in a way that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Message from the President

Being present and essential to society

As we reflect on 2022, the endless battle against COVID-19 continues to wage on while a new war emerged in Eastern Europe as Russia suddenly invaded Ukraine threatening world peace and shaking the foundation of the global economy. With the world at odds and the increasing perception of the rise of communism in various regions worldwide, many have been left to wonder if this may result in a division of East and West.

With the world’s population soaring past the 8 billion mark, we together as a planet now face our toughest challenge to date. Increasing greenhouse gases and emissions are quickly eating away at our atmosphere leading to excessive environmental degradation while the growing number of areas affected by extreme poverty continue to impact societies worse than ever before. There is no greater time than now to band together as one and use the guidelines and measures advocated by the SDGs to take actions to help preserve the planet we love.

As our company embarks on our 57th year as a family committed to maintaining the highest standard of moral and integrity, we look ahead forging new and meaningful relationships with those aligned in making tomorrow a better place. Teamed with our unwavering management philosophy titled “Our Company’s Belief” and a passion to help change the world we share, we aim not only to ensure our beloved customers receive the quality and service they deserve, but to also lead and support our loyal employees, stakeholders and community into a sustainable future.

For the past three years in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 battle, we have continued to supply the medical professionals and frontline heroes fighting to make a difference. Fueled with an unrelenting vigor for excellence coupled with our trusted and devoted partners worldwide, we are wholeheartedly committed to developing, producing and supplying premium essential products that will help change the landscape of the future ahead.

I would like to once again express my sincere gratitude to our customers, employees, shareholders and community for their continued support and encouragement. We together as a family are determined and dedicated to helping bring you a better tomorrow.

Akihiko Sakata
President & CEO
Nissho Sangyo Corporation

Thoughts behind Our Company’s Belief

In drawing up our corporate philosophy, “Our Company’s Belief,” we focused on the concept of integrity, which exists beyond the scope of business, such as “transparency, fairness, honesty, and sincerity,” in the creed of a certain U.S. company that we have emulated. Realizing integrity means to highlight the ideals of our company. Coincidentally, the answer to this question could be found in our company’s history over the past 50 years. In other words, we discussed and clarified each and every aspect of our relationship with our customers, employees, society, and many other stakeholders. At the end of the clauses, we concluded that the ultimate goal of our philosophy management is to continue to be a company that is needed by society.

The 5th SDGs Convention

The 5th SDGs Convention

The 5th SDGs Convention (Activity Report Meeting) was held on July 20th with all responsible leaders. The representative from our Logistics Division reported on how they are addressing the practical reduction of the number of severe delivery issues, the reduction of truck-driver working hours, which is set to be completed by April 2024, and the management of inventory control in the final stages of the pandemic. The KFC Sales Division explained that despite their ongoing efforts to provide a variety of proposals, such as transitioning from plastic items to paper alternatives and adopting recyclable materials as part of KFC’s initiative to fully eliminate plastics by 2025 and switch to environmentally friendly products, this unfortunately represents the slowest progress due to cost-related issues. The Medical’s Overseas Purchasing Division has been closely monitoring the ongoing development of new materials in various countries from which they intend to import. They have also provided a report on their efforts to monitor the overseas suppliers’ considerations of SDGs in factories involved in product manufacturing. The Administration Division mentioned that they have enhanced their methods for evaluating on-site employees, identified new strategies for improving job efficiency in Logistics, and devised a fresh business plan within the Restaurant Sales Division. Additionally, they provided a report on their efforts to create a more accommodating workplace and to facilitate concrete activities for reskilling.