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We question “our company’s raison d’etre” to the society that needs us. In addition, we grow by contributing to it.
The series of which is, what we pursue, our ideal of “company’s sound development.”

We at Nissho Sangyo, are proud to serve the society as an “essential supplier” by supporting the essential workers that struggle to anchor the living-related and medical industries.
We believe that the continuation and development of our company can be achieved only if it is required to serve the society. “We believe that we can enjoy our further advancement by contributing to it for the return we obtain by the contribution.” This is the proof of “our company’s raison d’etre” as stated in our management philosophy “Our Company’s Belief” and the embodiment of the “sound development of the company.”
We believe such sustainable and constructive business operations can only result from close relationships, based on the sense of altruism, with our customers, the society and all other stakeholders. Based on our motto of “Do our best in our fields of expertise,” our four businesses operate successfully on our relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in each field, gaining our customers’ satisfaction and trust by the support and cooperation with the stakeholders. We will continue to demonstrate to society the worth of our company in a way that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Message from the President

To the Esteemed Nissho Sangyo Community,

As we emerge from a challenging year into the post-COVID era, our world continues to confront significant trials. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the recent escalations between Israel and Hamas highlight the delicate balance of global peace. These events reinforce the crucial role we at Nissho Sangyo play in promoting stability and progress.

We are deeply aware of the global challenges we face: climate change, social and economic inequalities, and humanitarian crises call for our united efforts and response. There’s a pressing need to enhance our collective journey towards sustainability, and I am keenly aware of the role our company can and must play. Recognizing our limitations, we are nonetheless dedicated to making a meaningful impact, staying true to our core values and beliefs that are elaborated as “Our Company’s Belief.

This year marked a significant step in rekindling our relationships with partners in Southeast Asia, relationships that had been interrupted by the pandemic. We are immensely thankful for the trust and deepened connections that have been sustained and strengthened during these times. Our commitment now extends to fostering innovation, developing new products, and pursuing collaborative ventures, particularly with those aligned with our dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Despite global unrest and challenges, Nissho Sangyo is cognizant of its role and limitations. Still, we are filled with hope and determination to do all we can. Together with our partners, employees, shareholders, and stakeholders, we are committed to contributing positively to our communities and the economy. Our actions, guided by the SDGs, are steps towards a world where sustainability is a practical reality, not just an ideal.

I am profoundly grateful for your ongoing support and trust. Your guidance and encouragement are vital to our mission. Together, we forge ahead on our path towards a sustainable and flourishing future.

Akihiko Sakata
President & CEO
Nissho Sangyo Corporation

Thoughts behind Our Company’s Belief

In drawing up our corporate philosophy, “Our Company’s Belief,” we focused on the concept of integrity, which exists beyond the scope of business, such as “transparency, fairness, honesty, and sincerity,” in the creed of a certain U.S. company that we have emulated. Realizing integrity means to highlight the ideals of our company. Coincidentally, the answer to this question could be found in our company’s history over the past 50 years. In other words, we discussed and clarified each and every aspect of our relationship with our customers, employees, society, and many other stakeholders. At the end of the clauses, we concluded that the ultimate goal of our philosophy management is to continue to be a company that is needed by society.

The 7th SDGs Convention

The 7th SDGs Convention

The 7th SDGs Convention took place on January 22nd. Our Logistics division proudly reported that one of our delivery centers maintained a record high of zero-error days, all our delivery centers received KFC Quality-Delivery-Service Awards. They provided the updates on the progress of the AI-driven OCR (Online Character Recognition) project.

The KFC Sales division shared insights into their efforts to propose environmentally friendly packaging materials to KFC. They outlined the challenges they anticipate in meeting KFC’s requirements. Meanwhile, the Overseas Purchasing division highlighted improvements made by overseas suppliers in their manufacturing processes to reduce greenhouse gases and develop environmentally friendly materials. Unfortunately, they noted the absence of inquiries from overseas regarding our commercial ads in foreign magazines.

In terms of administration, we announced the launch of a series of harassment awareness videos starting this quarter. The Division emphasized the importance of managers monitoring the mental well-being of their subordinates. Additionally, they outlined plans to recruit new talent, increase the number of female supervisors gradually, and enhance training and reskilling programs. Given the urgency of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for logistics, we are enlisting the assistance of a specialist to ensure its completion.