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We question “our company’s raison d’etre” to the society that needs us. In addition, we grow by contributing to it.
The series of which is, what we pursue, our ideal of “company’s sound development.”

We at Nissho Sangyo, are proud to serve the society as an “essential supplier” by supporting the essential workers that struggle to anchor the living-related and medical industries.
We believe that the continuation and development of our company can be achieved only if it is required to serve the society. “We believe that we can enjoy our further advancement by contributing to it for the return we obtain by the contribution.” This is the proof of “our company’s raison d’etre” as stated in our management philosophy “Our Company’s Belief” and the embodiment of the “sound development of the company.”
We believe such sustainable and constructive business operations can only result from close relationships, based on the sense of altruism, with our customers, the society and all other stakeholders. Based on our motto of “Do our best in our fields of expertise,” our four businesses operate successfully on our relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in each field, gaining our customers’ satisfaction and trust by the support and cooperation with the stakeholders. We will continue to demonstrate to society the worth of our company in a way that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Message from the President

Progress to the Organization Necessitated for Sustainable Society

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in September 2016, and five years have already passed. Our management philosophy, “Our Company’s Belief,” was enshrined on the occasion of the 50th anniversary clearly stating the ideal image of the company that has remained the same from the start.
The Belief insists that we should keep good relationship with all of our customers, employees, society and other stakeholders, and should move our business forward to realize a better future stimulating with each other. That’s where lies our extremely important raison d’etre.

In 2020, in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, we devoted all our energies into supplying infection-prevention products to medical professionals without regard for our business risks. All of our corporate actions at that time were also based on deeply “Our Company’s Belief.”

The United Nations adopted the SDGs in September 2015, aiming at “Sustainable Society.” Our Company’s Belief states the same things about how our company should take appropriate actions. Facing various unprecedented looming problems, we do understand we’re requested to realize the essential way of corporate activities.

Though the world is changing rapidly, we believe the mission prioritized is to respond quickly to the changes at times and maximize the value of our products and services that our customers and society expect. We will continue to do our utmost to realize our ideals as the essential supplier, the one and only existence for society, exclusively chosen by our customers and business partners.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for your continued patronage and guidance, and to be looking forward to your unchanging support going forward.

President & CEO Akihiko Sakata

Thoughts behind Our Company’s Belief

In drawing up our corporate philosophy, “Our Company’s Belief,” we focused on the concept of integrity, which exists beyond the scope of business, such as “transparency, fairness, honesty, and sincerity,” in the creed of a certain U.S. company that we have emulated. Realizing integrity means to highlight the ideals of our company. Coincidentally, the answer to this question could be found in our company’s history over the past 50 years. In other words, we discussed and clarified each and every aspect of our relationship with our customers, employees, society, and many other stakeholders. At the end of the clauses, we concluded that the ultimate goal of our philosophy management is to continue to be a company that is needed by society.

The 2nd SDGs Convention

The 2nd SDGs Convention

The 2nd SDGs Convention was held on October 18th. It was for reporting to the committee members with top management how each department had performed to tackle the SDGs issues during the past quarter. As to energy preservation, reality of severe efforts while dealing with recent hike of power bills and global warming was reported. IT division is currently developing a system enabling secure handling of most important stuff such as consigned keys from our customers. Developing RPA has also been tried in our restaurants sales, amusement sales and logistics divisions. KFC sales personnel have proposed eco-friendly items such as papery or wooden alternatives to meet the customer’s need of retreating from plastic items. Our medical product development section keeps surveillance of how overseas manufacturers have been developing eco-friendly products. Our logistics section focuses on reuse of resources and reduction of carbon emissions. Last but not least to say, harassment workshop is scheduled to be held to maintain and further improve our workplace.