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IT Architecture

Reliable and Robust System

Our IT architecture is built to be as the robust backbone of our business, pursuing high reliability and providing constant availability, and it also realizes business continuity against any disaster.
We connect to operate our cloud systems with the host computers in firmly protected Fujitsu’s data centers. And our systems’ high performance exerted by the advanced technology enables us to support our customers’ business as their essential supplier.

Nissho’s DR & BCP Services

The mission-critical system built with our new information technology provides high reliability and availability for business operations. The hardware that drives this system is installed in Fujitsu System Centers, which are well known nationwide as one of the most robust facilities in Japan.
Even in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, our mission-critical system demonstrated outstanding disaster resistance and supported our customers’ business, continuing routine operation. In the unprecedented COVID-19 occurred in 2020, the system also demonstrated high business continuity and supported the essential work of our customers.

Our Essential Supply System, which is the high-performance combination of agile logistics and advanced information technology, covers the diverse needs of our customers.
Moreover, our network of distribution centers from Hokkaido to Okinawa and our centralized control system (reception and placement of orders, collection and obtaining and providing information), which is also core of our supply system, meet not only distributive processing but other diversified requests from our customers.

Our resilient IT system, regarding two Fujitsu Data Centers located both in east and west of Japan as the Nissho’s private clouds, supports our core-business-operations fully operating with appropriate maintenance to keep its high availability.
We also have a public cloud for operations that require diversity and flexibility.
A BCP (Business Continuity Plan) will be implemented in case there is an emergency (severe disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.) occurred even at any one site.

Fujitsu System Center

Our mission-critical system is installed in the new Fujitsu System Center building, which, among others, boasts the state-of-the-art facilities and quake-absorbing structure. The next-generation system center pledges to be fully tolerable against earthquakes, fires, power outages and other possible disasters.

Integrated Operations Control Room

Staff in Fujitsu’s Integrated Operations Control Room monitor systems and networks twenty-four seven with non-stop and automated operations. Their management of the service, which is operated by integration of human skills and technologies, ensures fully secured system operations.