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Medical Related Business

Medical Healthcare Sales Division

Our company was founded in 1966 by starting medical business. Since then, we have focused on medical consumables (disposable products for medical facilities). We adopted the strategy of focusing on medical disposables because we expected that they would gradually be re-evaluated due to their superiority in terms of their convenience and hygiene control in medical facilities.

At the beginning of 2000’s, we entered into a manufacturing agreement with overseas manufactures. We changed our position from an importer to a fabless manufacture and created our own brand products. This feature has allowed us to offer high value-added products at reasonable prices. With the aging of society, the demand for disposable products is increasing, while the need for healthcare products is also growing. We take the following steps in our development process. First, we identify a variety of on-site potential needs of our customers, the needs will be forwarded to our overseas purchasing & planning division. Then, the division will place orders with overseas manufactures to create the new products complying with the division’s instructions. With such procedures, we have developed and launched a series of competitive products that are optimized to our customers’ needs, and we will continue to do so in the future.

In addition, when there was too much demand for the infection prevention products by the COVID-19, we stuck to a stable supply of the products based on our sense of mission to support medical essential workhorses. We predict an increase in the on-site needs from the medical field and diversification of the needs as well. We sincerely adhere to our basic stances “listening to medical on-site voices,” “understanding their potential and real needs” and “developing products to satisfy our customers.” And we are determined to further strengthen our position as an “Essential Supplier” in the medical industry.