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Living Essentials Business

KFC Sales Division

The KFC Sales Division set up right after our company tentatively provided take-out packages to a pilot store by KFC international displayed at Osaka World Exposition 1970. Since then, we have followed the nationwide spreading of the store network by their newly established Japanese subsidiary, Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan (KFC), continuing to provide, as their “total supplier,” non-perishable foodstuff and all packaging products including all store necessities such as from store equipment to staff uniforms.

Major business at our founding stage was selling medical disposable products, but our core business changed into KFC business during the company’s rapid growth stage, enjoying about 30% increase in annual sales. After that stage, we expanded that business model by applying to other fast-food & restaurant chains. That led us to our third business, setting up the Restaurants Business Sales Division.

We, the members of KFC Sales Division, now try to develop ourselves to “the team of intelligent people,” assuming the coordinator role for KFC’s promotional support mainly on their packaging creation. We determine our missions are providing value added more than expected and addressing the SDGs with them. We continue to contribute to KFC as best we can with our belief “Our Progress Always with KFC’s.”

Restaurants Business Sales Division

The business of the Restaurants Business Sales Division has been evolved by applying the KFC business model as well, as a total supplier (supplier for essentials such as paper containers, packaging items, non-perishable foods, facility equipment and uniforms) for fast food stores & restaurants. We have an advantage in the fact that our customers can easily procure all essentials they need because we serve as one-stop supplier for them.

We are better at particularly packaging items for take-out and delivery businesses, and we offer our customers in fast-food & restaurants industry to appoint us to play a role for their supply consultant and coordinator. In other words, we only by ourselves contribute them in planning and purchasing all packaging items and others they need. Grasping each customer needs precisely, we appropriately operate supply chain management (SCM), by planning, manufacturing, purchasing and controlling inventory, store-assorting and outsourced delivery.

We can handle wide range of items from commodities to designed products for our customers’ restaurants business with our secured and reliable SCM function. When our customer opens a new store, we propose how to set up their brand-image on it. We are vigilant about the ever-changing trends in the industry, we can provide the proposals best fit with the customers’ intention. Our logistics emphasizes on our customers’ cost reduction, considering the upheaval in the industry. Our unique Web system for sales-ordering management enables speed-processing of orders and deliveries.

[Handling Items]
food containers and packaging items
packaging items for bakery (including those for café and wrapping for cakes)
none-perishable food
hygiene products and equipment
furniture, fixtures and tableware
cooking utensils and cleaning supplies
environmentally friendly materials
materials for food plants
flour ingredients

Amusement Sales Division

The major customer of our amusement sales division is one of top pachinko-hall operators in the industry, and we provide a variety of goods and equipment which are mainly used as ordinary prizes given to won-the-game customers and necessary supplies and equipment for the hall operations. Before we offered a proposal to the company, each hall used to purchase the prizes and necessities with their preference, but the head office wanted to change the way of supplying from each-store-purchase to a bulk-purchase with each-store-delivery. Our solution was favorably accepted by the company, and we started business with them in 1995. We handle a wide range of essential goods for the pachinko-hall company such as tobaccos (heated tobacco cartridges for the past few years as well as cigarette tobaccos), sweets, beverages and daily-sundries.

The amusement business deals with a bit different goods from those of KFC and Restaurant sales businesses, but we could provide the p-hall operator the most satisfactory service of our delivery to each of their halls. We leveraged the distribution network to meet the needs of pachinko halls and it resulted in the establishment of new business. Besides passive-smoking issues, smoking-separation measures and infection control practices, we recognize that a historical change has come in the industry from gambling-taste activity into public’s popular entertainment. We consider that we need to make prospective goods-offers other than tobaccos.

In response to our customers’ requests, we have expanded our logistics functions such as quick purchase, secured inventories and efficient deliveries as well as we’ve set up new delivery centers. As we’ve seen the amusement industry as to which direction to take in these years, we’ve been able to handle whatever products the customers’ ask for, adding them to the traditional products such as general consumables, detergents, hygiene items and infection-prevention products. We intend to offer more various products and make our services more flexible.